Dr. Christoph Sczygiel 

My motto:

I bring along:

Life and professional experience from at least 5 professional fields, which gives me a certain ease even with difficult topics; experience of perseverance (marathon and doctoral thesis) and experience of failure are a good mix and create credibility in my actions and effectiveness.

Professionally is important to me:

Learning should be enjoyable, sensitive topics should be able to be addressed without fear. It is important to me that there is always enough time for individual learning, first the interest of the participants, then the structure of the seminar. I like to create a good working atmosphere.

What you can expect:

A positive, appreciative atmosphere and humor are important to me, with plenty of room to try things out; a wide range of topics and possibilities are available to choose from, suitable for the respective context. A strong focus on the participants’ interests, the integration of life experience in the form of stories is important for me, as well as the joint search for good solutions that suit the participants.


Face-to-face training, workshops and coaching, life online seminars / coaching


Organizational development (teams and organizations)

Training on:

– Employee management, dealing with difficult employees

– Personality development and self-management – Conflict management, creating awareness of behavioral routines

  • Training as a Scrummaster at andrena objects AG (2018)
  • training in hypnosystemic coaching and consulting with G. Schmidt (2013/14)
  • 1-year  training in systemic management consulting at the Neuwaldegg consulting group in Vienna (Jan 2008 – Jan 2009)
  • Mediation training with certificate, CCR Chicago, Illinois, USA (2000)
  • 2 1/4 years of Gestalt and systemic oriented organizational consulting training, IGG Berlin (until 1997)
  • 4-year training in psychodrama and Gestalt therapy (until 1986)

  • Founding member and partner at mitte consult dannenberg-schütte und partner
  • Social education worker in counseling centers and a clinic for psychosomatic illnesses
  • Psychodrama and Gestalt therapy in own practice
  • Many years of experience in consulting and team development, training, adult education, therapy, coaching/train the trainer (scenic role play)
  • Managing director and trainer at a further education institution in Berlin
  • Co-founder of various organizations and board member


  • Corporates / medium-sized companies
  • Consumer goods / industrial goods / services
  • Automotive + suppliers
  • Energy service providers
  • Banks / Finance / Insurance
  • Research / Development / Science
  • Healthcare
  • Industry / mechanical engineering
  • Public service
  • Transportation / Traffic / Logistics
  • Training / Coaching
Dr. Christoph Sczygiel